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Athlete Profile: Stephanie Horton

Disclaimer*****I will try to write this like any other, like she is not the mother of my children :)****Sometimes we have obstacles mid wod that make us feel like we can no longer continue! Right?! We’ve all been there, try having an obstacle in front of your obstacle. Every WOD that Steph shows up for is a true testament to her heart and belief in herself that she truly can do anything she sets her mind to and no one will tell her otherwise! Aside from her work inside the box, it may be her work done outside the box that made it so anyone has a box to begin with! Since my CF-L1 she has worked as much or MORE at getting the place open than I have, up to and including keeping me from self destructing when things didn’t always happen over night! The place would LITERALLY not be the same without her!!! Get to know her at the box! Here are a few things about Steph in her own words!

Favorite girl wod : Fran
Least favorite girl wod: Karen
Favorite hero wod: manion is my favorite that I have done but I would like to try Daniel
Favorite lift: thrusters
Least favorite lift: ohs

Where I’m from: L-town born and raised

I am totally and completely inspired by the attitude, encouragement and ability of all the athletes at scf

I like running even though I bitch every single time

I do whatever I set my mind to do

People would be surprised to know that at one point in my life, doctors told me that I would never walk again……….Fuck that!

Warm Up: AMRAP 8 

200m run , 5 pushups, 10 squats

SWOD: Bench Press 3-3-3 80, 85, 90% 


5 rounds: 

ROW 500m

Push Press 155, 115 x7 reps

***do 15 squats every time you set the bar down

Bonus: 3 rounds

10 DB burpee Squat Clean Thruster

15 m broad jump