/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Divi/single.php Sunday Febuary 13, 2011 | Spartan CrossFit

Warm up: Dodgeball 15 minutes

Wendler Make up session, insert here…

Team WOD Sunday:

“Gripper Ripper”

Each Movement is to be performed while a 135 lb bar is being held off the ground! everytime the bar is dropped or has to be set down each team member must perform 15 burpees right away. Each exercise must be completed before moving to the next. Enjoy

5 rounds of:

200 meter partner carry (if teams are teams of two, this movement will be minus the barbell)

6 muscle ups (or ten to one pulls and dips .v.)

100 KBS 1 pood

100 situps

100 box jumps

100 double unders

(40 minute time limit)