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It is my goal to turn SCF into a box capable of paying its coaches a good wage, buying new equipment (medicine balls, an AED, etc), paying a higher heat bill (newer athletes don’t even know how cold the box can be⛄️), using better member software with performance tracking, and providing more opportunities to grow as an athlete (nutrition, PT, oly classes).  In order to do this, some things need to change. You may be unaware, but I’ve already implemented a few changes to our rates that began 1 Nov:

1.  We no longer have a discounted rate available to new members.  The landlord doesn’t care if we have students or emergency responders: we have the same electric bill, rent, affiliate fee, insurance, etc regardless of who walks through our doors.  

2. We no longer allow holds or delayed payments for vacations or travel.  Think of it like your cable bill, phone bill, or even Planet Fitness if you must.  We still have to pay the bills when you are sitting on a beach in Florida.  

So what does this mean for you?  Well, if you are currently on a discounted plan, you can remain on that plan until you cancel, graduate, or change jobs.  So here is the tricky part.  If you are headed home for winter break, you’ll have to decide if it is worth keeping your membership in tact or if canceling and then restarting (without that discount) is a better choice for you.  

That’s it.  Change can be tough, I know.  And financial stuff gets uncomfortable.  Please feel free to chat with me about any concerns or questions.  I love SCF and I’m going to do everything I can to make it the best it can be.  And that includes doing these awkward and uncomfortable announcements.  I hope you will trust me and come along for the ride…great things are in store.