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The box will be open normal class times Monday Tuesday and Wednesday with the exception of the 9 am times. Unless otherwise stated there will be NO 9am classes!! GET TO THE 7AM!!!! Thursday we are closed!  Sunday is TBD. Saturday, Coach C will be holding class at the regular WOD time of 10 am and Friday is up for discussion! Please leave your thoughts on Friday class times in the comment section below!!! If you don’t vote you can’t complain!!! ,v, TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!! 

SWOD: Front Squat 1 Rep max (15 minute time limit) 

Met-Con: 15-12-9-6-3

Front squat (135, 95)

Toes to bar 


5 Rounds:

7 KBS 70,55


Prowler push 50 feet

They told me there is no “I” in team.

I am an athlete.
I am an individual.
I am strong.
I am weak.
I have desires, hopes, and dreams.
I have goals.
I have fears.
As a team my opponent will never see my weaknesses.
Only my strength, never my fears, only my goals as they unfold before them.
I am not afraid that my team will see my fears, my hopes, dreams, or desires. 
I trust them to an unlimited level.
I am not afraid that my team will see my faults, because
With them I can overcome my faults, with them I am 
fearless, with them I have hopes and dreams.
With my team I am not weak, I do not have the strength
of one athlete, but of many, combined, focused, 
And dangerous to my un-united opponent.
I become my team and my team becomes me.
I do not judge, and I am not judged.
I have a goal, and the team has a goal.
The team goal is my goal.
All that matters is that the team reaches its goal.
They always told me there is no “I” in “Team”.
They were wrong.
I am the team.
I became the team.
The team became me.
The team becomes an entity unto itself.
The team is strong, creative, compassionate, caring,
Authoritative, disciplined.
The team absorbs “I”, and then there is “I” in “Team”.
The “I” becomes part of something much more powerful.

They were right there is no “I” in “Team”,
But there is “Team” in me.