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This is our affiliate’s first year running the open wods. That being said, we haven’t gone without a few glitches! First of all, I would like to apologize to any class that was going on during the filming of any of the wods! Second, i would like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of everyone involved and thank you for helping in any way during the process! There were however a few videos that did not get posted in time! We were able to post unfinished videos using the URL that was available from youtube as the videos were still uploading but i didn’t get some info in time as they were very quick to close the 12.1 on the website! This however doesn’t mean the end of your competition, who knows what may happen and if you are registered to our affiliate, your scores could help us get a team to regionals!! This week there will be designated times to do open wods without exception! if none of the times work for you please let me know asap and we can try to arrange a private session, but try to make it a group effort if possible! Also, if you all have a camera available, please bring one to film your wod, they are taking an absurd amount of time to post and would be easier if each person could post their own videos. if you don’t have one we can help out, but if you do that would be fantastic! This week we will do 12.2 Wednesday night at 830, and saturday at 830am!! If Coach C is available later than 830 saturday, I will let her decide if she would like to come in to help some of you with wod 12.2, otherwise please try to make it one of those times! Thanks so much TRIBE!!! 

Warm Up: 20 dislocates, 20 pushups, 20 mountain climbers, 20 air squats, 40 jump and touch


Max reps in 5,4,3,2,1 minutes of the following:

5-Row Calories

4-Back Squat 115, 85

3-Box jumps 24″

2-Push Press 115, 85

1-Double unders