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WOD#1/WOD#2– Run with Max Pull-ups or Max push-ups in 2 minutes. The run and Push-ups/Pull-ups
are being scored as separate events.

0815-0845- Beginner Categories(Male and Female) Run 2k and then max hand release
push-ups in 2 minutes. (Athlete must move directly inside of gym and perform Push-ups
after the run)

0850-0930- Open and over 40(Male and Female) Run 4 k and then 1 attempt for max
pull-ups. (Athlete must move directly inside of gym and perform max pull-ups after
the run). Athlete has one attempt and cannot come off the bar

WOD#3– 7 min AMRAP- 30 KB Swings/15 Burpees.


Beginner- Male 53lbs/Female 35lbs KB goes to eye level

Over 40- Male 53lbs/Female 35lbs KB goes above head

Open- Male 70lbs/Female 53lbs KB goes above head

WOD#4-5 Rounds for time. 6 Clean and Jerks then walk 10 yards with weight overhead,
turn around and walk back 10 yards. (15 min time limit).


Beginner- Male 95lbs/Female 65lbs

Over 40- Male 135lbs/Female 85lbs

Open- Male 165lbs/Female 110lbs

WOD#5 Flip tire 50 yards and then push prowler back 50 yards for time. The weights
below is what will be added to the prowler.


Beginner- Male 70lbs/Female 30lbs

Over 40- Male 120lbs/Female 60lbs

Open- Male 180lbs/Female 90lbs