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Name: Annie (NiNi) Burba

Occupation: High school student and hospital volunteer on Saturdays.fullsizeoutput_2a05

How you found SCF: I was just wondering through the woods and I happened upon this gym and coincidentally my mom was in there.  So I found a home.  And a mom.  And a gym.

Fav thing about CF:  Everything

Favorite WOD: Annie

Least fav WOD: Semma

Favorite Movement: Stretching

Least fav Movement: I have a lot.  Let’s say rowing.  I’m really slow at rowing.

12 month goal: Still be here

Something interesting about me:  My mom’s a coach 

Who is next: Semma (She insisted.  Also, Kyle kept forgetting and told me to pick someone in his place, so Annie was my pick.  Karma.)