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Name: Austin Pond

Occupation: Junior at MSU, MI Army National Guard (11B)IMG_5042

How you found SCF: I started CF in the spring of 2015, so when I moved to MSU I searched up boxes in the area. Dropped in at ELCF, and then Spartan. I made the easy decision and got a membership here at SCF.

Favorite thing about CF: The every day challenge, the community and friends, Michael’s quotes from The Office, Open szn, and that it made me a little less weak.

Favorite WOD: 17.3 (C2B Pull-ups and Squat Snatches)

Least Favorite WOD: Welbourn (heavy deads, strict pull-ups, resisted sprints) or Fran (pull-ups and thrusters)

Favorite Movement: Snatch, especially heavy

Least Favorite Movement: Thrusters

12 Month Goal: Be stronger than Pat

Who I nominate: Broseph