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It’s that time again!! Only this time we are going hard with many different methods of keeping score!  All this week we will be testing any person willing to take on this challenge and see what rewards eating ‘clean’ can yield.  Please see Michael for further details!

Pre and Post WOD’s: “Cindy”  Each WOD must be performed the exact same way both times, same scaling or pull up method/ push up methods. 25 bonus points for completing both wod’s.

Body Composition, Measurments, before and after Pictures and weigh in: 3 site skinfold, waist/thigh/chest measurments and before and after (and perhaps surprise) weigh ins. 1 point for every percentage point, inch and pound change during the challenge. The pictures will be the tie breaker.

And then there is the point system:

Each meal:

Paleo/Zone meal + 5pts

Zone meal +2pts

Paleo Meal +2pts

Paleo Meal including dairy +0

Cheat Meal: -2 pts

Bonus pts: +1 for 5 meals per day +1 for post workout meal -1 no post workout meal

Exercise points:

+20 points 5plus wod’s each week

+10 points 3 plus wod’s each week

-10 points less than three wod’s each week

bonus points: +1 64 oz. water +1 8 hours of sleep -1 each alcoholic beverage (max 5 per day)

****this is only a rough draft and may change before the official start of the challenge next Monday! please bring any questions, concerns or input to my attention at anytime of the next few days!! TRIBE!!!!!