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German Volume Training (GVT): We are changing up our strength focus starting this week.  We are beginning a 12 week strength cycle commonly called German Volume Training.  It has its roots in german weightlifting and it is intended to help athletes break through plateaus and gain muscle mass fast in the off season.  For CrossFitters, this is the time of year to get big and strong.  GVT is hypertrophy training. You will be sore.  This training shouldn’t be done with other strength protocols.  We advise that you weigh yourself this week and take a few photos.  Classes will be tight, so prioritize being punctual.


GVT: 10×10 bench press @50% 4-0-4-0 with 1 min rest between sets


3 RFT 

30 medball cleans 30/20

15 deadlifts 245/165

.30 mile airdyne 

15 GHR 

(15:00 time cap)