/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Divi/single.php Tuesday December 27, 2011 | Spartan CrossFit

TRIBE!!! There are many people on vacation this week so I am going to keep the schedule updated on a day to day basis based on need! PLEASE if you would like a class time that is one of our regulars but doesn’t appear on the daily posted class times, Just let me know! I will come in even if it’s just one or two people! For example, I am officially posting tomorrow as 9am, 530 pm and 630pm. If you were hoping for the early morning class tomorrow OR the 415, SERIOUSLY, don’t be sketched out to let me know, I”LL BE THERE 🙂 Call me or text me @ 517 402 1927! Again this is only this week in an effort to keep the class sizes up, but do not hesitate!!! TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warm Up: 1/2 Tabata Squat, push up, sit up, ***OHS with holds***

SKILL:Flight Simulator (12 minutes)

WOD: For Time:

15 Muscle Ups (Sub 2 pull ups and 2 dips for each muscle up as needed) 

100 Push Press 75, 55

1000m Row

Bonus: 100 situps for time